Clashing Realities

How does one deal with the conflict within oneself. How do you handle the sometimes seemingly insurmountable opposites that are thrown at you day by day by your own doing. You are creative, but your empty……Your full, but you want more…….You can see, but your vision is blurred

These polar opposites that operate in each one of our lives would be like two people on each end of us trying to pull us apart. We deal with this in every situation. Whether we accept it or not there is a little bit of opposite in all of us even as we face new ventures. There is the excitement but also the fear…. The boldness but also the question of failure…..How do you handle when your realities clash in one breath you know its time but in another you ask yourself what time is it…..The complexities of these emotions leave us at a stand still in turning points…..Do I go for it and endure the possibilities s of success or do I stay motionless and allow myself to dwindle into nothingness……How do I handle the clashing of my realities which in its end sometimes becomes a real live nightmare and for some it becomes a dream…………..

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