How many times have you sat in church and heard these words make sure he has a job, Or the preacher wanting support  says “ladies make sure you get a bmw” a black man working. As often as I have been in and around church I have heard these and other phrases used too loosely in reference to this issue concerning men and employment. One day coming home from one of these kinds of services I began to reflect and came to the realization that I could never remember the same effort put forth to promote, encourage, and motivate those men in church who do work.

Let me be the first to say I believe every man should be responsible and handle his business. The scripture say’s “if a man doesn’t work he shouldn’t eat” (2Thes 3:10). I will never agree with men who are not striving to support themselves and there families in some form or fashion (as long as its legal). There is a saying I can tell who you are by who you hang with and as I began to evaluate those I call friends and colleagues the majority of  whom are deeply committed christian’s,I could not think of one who was not employed. Where is the voice for these that don’t fit the stereotype?

With all this said it is so important that we begin to focus on the positive actions of males. This emasculation of men from the pulpit needs to be counteracted by celebrating the men who are doing their job. Think about it how many times have we heard encouragement from the pulpit for those of us who get up everyday and go to work and do what we have to do to support ourselves and our families. Lets begin to celebrate those who are doing the right thing so that those who are not can be encouraged to do it as well.

I disagree with the “bmw” statement. I do believe church guys do work. And if they aren’t working we must consider the reason that they are unemployed. And with the economic crises that our nation is in many who once where able to work can not find any employment.

I want to encourage every man who gets up everyday to support themselves and there families I commend you for a job well done. Your sacrifices and labor do not go unnoticed or unappreciated. Keep doing what you’re doing because by your actions you’re helping to kill the stereotype that church guys don’t work.


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