3 Keys On the Road to Emotional Wholeness

According to Websters Dictionary to be whole means to be complete, not defective, or imperfect, healthy and sound. When we think of wholeness we may think of our physical well-being but Emotional wholeness is just as important. I will be the first to admit  from experience that emotional wholeness is a process and is one I think we will all go through for the rest of our lives.There are keys that I have learned that have helped me on the road to emotional wholeness that I believe will help you as well.

1) Be Honest with Yourself

You know the saying “you can’t conquer what you wont confront” the hardest person to confront at times is ourselves. Being honest with where you are and how you feel is the first step to being whole. You must be able to deal with the issues that are keeping you from being truly whole. What are you avoiding dealing with inside of you? . Begin to deal with it today. As you acknowledge the issues you will begin to bring healing to the root of it.

2) Forgive Yourself

I honestly believe that we cannot not fully forgive others if we have not forgiven ourselves. It’s impossible to give others what we do not have. And the first person that you need to forgive is yourself. Do you ever think about a situation that you ask yourself how could I be so stupid? Right now that situation probably came to your mind. It is important to let that go so that you will not condemn yourself forever. We will all have things in our life we will be ashamed of but we also have the power to acknowledge it and move on.

3) Forgive Others

When we hear this people often say yeah “I can forgive but I wont forget”. I don’t think its an issue of forgetting but to continually hold onto the emotion and hurt from the   good. Sometimes we are so angry and have frustration that has built up towards another that it becomes a cancer in our emotions and spreads in our daily life. Many relationships fail because of the lack of forgiveness. We often time wont show to others the same mercy that has been shown to us. Forgiveness does not mean that I have to accept continual destructive behavior but I wont let the memory of it keep me a prisoner of the past. And that’s exactly what happens when you don’t forgive others you become their prisoner. Choose to let them and it go and move on with your life. Life is too precious to constantly live in the past. It’s true it hurt, it probably wasn’t fair, and they may not ever apologize. The reality is your still alive and have the opportunity to learn a valuable lesson from it. Forgive them you’ll feel so much better.

These are just a few tools to help you on your journey towards wholeness. I believe everyone’s desire is to be better. We may not always know how to achieve it but I hope these tools will help you start the journey down the road.


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