We all have heard them, maybe even used them pickup lines. The question I have often pondered was do they really work. So I decided to ask several of my female friends to fill out a small questionnaire to see exactly from the female perspective what do they think of them and what qualities they would want in a man. It’s funny that while I was doing this article Jay-Leno had a segment on his show about pick-up lines. Where a guy in real life actually went out and tried a few that people suggested he use. The funny thing is the guy actually used one and  a girl gave him her number. This challenged me even more to find out if they really work. Now my disclaimer is that I do not believe that those who participated in the survey speak for every female in the universe but it was interesting and fun to hear their perspective. I will list the questions and their answers and give my observations afterward.

1) What qualities do you look for in a man?

God-fearing, has a job, honest, provider trustworthy

2) Would you rather have a guy say hello or use a pickup line?

Everyone said say Hello

3) What are some of the best pick up lines you’ve heard?

All of them said they’ve never heard any good ones. LOL

4) What are some of the worst?

“Are you tired? You must be because you’ve been running through my mind all day”

“Heaven must be missing an angel because you fell right out the sky”

“You from Tennessee? Because you’re the only ten I see”

“Your legs should be tired  because you’ve been running around in my head all day”

5) What things turn you off when a guy try’s to talk to you?

Odor, making everything sexual, bad breath and horrible teeth

6) What would make you give your number to a guy?

A good conversation and is truly interested in getting to know me

We would have to have chemistry.

A person of integrity I would want to get to know better

If he approached correctly and fit the bill

7) Give me one word to describe the perfect guy for you?

Compassionate, Saved, loving, supportive

I found many of their answers very amusing and some funny. But what I concluded from this is that its character over character. What do I mean? It’s more important to be a person of character than to be a character. Many times we present something that were not and end up with nothing. So do I think pick up lines work yes and no. But I think the perfect pick up line starts with Hello.


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