Discovering Your Purpose

Many times we face many heart searching questions such as what am I on earth for? Or what was I born to do. In our search many times we look at the views and opinions of others for what we should be doing. We develop relationships that are based on finding who we are in other people’s opinion. And in reality they are searching themselves to discover their purpose. If we are not careful we will discover that what we thought was the answer really isn’t and live all of our lives searching and never discover what it is. I do not believe that is the purpose of life or God’s desire for us. We must reconnect to the source of purpose in order for it to become a reality in our lives. You may be at a place of brokenness, hurt, and even misunderstanding. Or that life has dealt you a dirty hand. But I want to encourage you to change your perspective and realize that your course and path is uniquely designed by God and there is a purpose in and behind it. It is in those dark moments of our lives that we find out  who we  really are and what we are called to do. Stop defining yourself by the lack or the abundance of relationships that you have. Understand that your purpose is found in the face of God. And as you look to Him you will see the reflection of who you are supposed to be.

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