The Day the Earth Stood Still

All across America the name Troy Davis has become a house hold name. This particular case garnered much attention in its final stages and headline news as we watched what was possibly an innocent man be put to death. The outcry of support for the stay of his execution as well as the review of his case from the famous to the unknown was overwhelming. As details of the case were presented it became quite obvious that there was too much inaccurate evidence and too much doubt. We saw protest, rallies, and calls for justice to stay the execution. It seemed that the outcry fell on death ears time after time. In the final moments we saw a glimpse of hope only for it to be shattered by the final decision from the court. With the final decision it brought to our attention that there is something desperately wrong with our system of government that must pay attention to.

I believe that this particular case was a symbolic means for us all to reexamine our system of government, but also begin to examine ourselves as well. Even though the outcry of support was historic and the unified effort among blacks and even white’s was notable it still bears to keep in mind that it did not garner national attention till almost the 11th hour. I wonder what would have happened had we been this unified twenty years ago would they have been so quick to pursue the death penalty. I am not here to judge or condemn but there are several things I will take away from this case that I would encourage you to do as well. The first thing is we must examine ourselves. This case caused me to reflect on my own involvement in understanding and even challenging the wrongs that we face on a daily basis in our society. Though we are able to rant on social media little is done if we don’t truly know what is going on around us. We cannot be disconnected anymore. Secondly we must become involved, the civil rights era told us the power of fighting for a common cause but somehow that sense of unity went out the door with the sixties. And lastly we must be involved in prevention. Our communities are affected by the people who invest in it. It just might be possible that we can prevent another Troy Davis if we create relationships with our young people who motivate them to push to do the right thing and be in the right place. I hope that this particular case gives us an example of how important that we become unified as a community. The momentum cannot die with Troy Davis or it would have been a useless fight. We must begin to fight for all the Troy Davis’s around the world. And we do that by changing one life at a time. Let us fight on for truth and justice.

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