4 Reasons to Let Go of The Past

One of the most challenging things to do is to let go of the past. Many times we struggle with it because it has such a negative effect on our lives. And to be honest that it will be quite impossible to let it go. The memories of significant moments in our lives seem to bring back all the emotions as if it was yesterday that keep us revisiting a place of pain and agony. If we are not careful these can become places of bitterness and resentment. When you understand the reason you must overcome these hurdles you will become a more empowered individual. The life we live is based on the foundation of the experiences that we have faced and how we have handled them or haven’t dealt with them. But I want to share 4 reasons why you need to let the past go.

1. The Past is the past

In reality it’s just that the past. You can’t change it you can’t alter it. It happened and it’s apart of your life story. The dangerous thing is to keep living there for the rest of your life. It’s like driving your car around the same block over and over again expecting to get somewhere else. It doesn’t work. It needs to remain where it is and that is in the past.

2. It Keeps You Prisoner

Holding on to the past is like being locked in a prison cell and having the key to the lock with you. By holding on to the past it keeps you bound to those experiences and persons who were involved in those situations. Choose to put the key in the lock and let yourself out of the jail cell. Choose to no longer be a prisoner to it.

3. It Stunts Growth

Life is about constant growth. When you hold on to your past, it stops you from growing. You aren’t open to new things. You should be continually evolving and becoming a better person.. You should be growing from each experience even the ones that aren’t so positive. There are lessons to be learned from the past that should cause you to become a better individual and not stagnated.

4. You Have a Bright Future

The fact that you are alive is enough to remind you that there is a purpose for your life. and with that awareness its your responsibility to walk that purpose out. Many times if you allow the past to cripple you won’t ever discover what that purpose is and what your future will look like if you move forward.

The beginning of a great journey begins with one step. As you walk through each step you will be closer to releasing the past and moving into a greater future.


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