Do You Know Yourself?

All of us have had those moments of deep reflection why am I here? What is my purpose? What should I be doing? Many times these questions come at times of transition or trial. I believe that every individual on earth has a purpose to fulfil, but I do not believe all of us fulfill it. I heard a person say one time that the richest place in the world is the grave yard. Because it is filled with the dreams, hopes, and ideas that never were accomplished. Why is it that quite possible we never seem to completely live our life to the fullest. I believe it is because we don’t really know ourselves.

The question that I ask is an internal one. A lot of times we define ourselves by our material possessions, what others have said, and our comparisons to other individuals. The sad thing is that we never really fully take the time to discover who we really are and what we were born to become. We must honestly evaluate our actions. And ask ourselves if what we are doing  is for the approval of others or the accolades of the crowds is it genuinely us. I often say that  quote and I am finding it to be even more true today “we are all born originals but will die copies”. Society has created so many definitions of what beauty, life, and success truly is. But my personal belief is that the truly successful person is the one that is true to themselves and who they are. We live in a society of contradiction and for the sake of not being offensive we aren’t always purely ourselves. But is that honesty or truth? I believe that the world-famous Dr. Seuss quote to be true “Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind”. And sometimes we struggle to become that very person of truth.

I think the key lies in our understanding who we truly are. Not what people think about you or even say about you. But who are you really to you? And what are you becoming. Take that journey and discover who you truly are. When you do you will find out that its okay to be you and not someone else. You will become comfortable with the person that you were created to be and love yourself. We often compare ourselves to others in what we view as being successful or  better. But the truth is there is no better success than to be yourself and love that. Its time to discover you and enjoy the journey. And be comfortable enough to deal with it when others don’t like it. As Shakespeare said” to thine own self be true”


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