Book Review: The Testimony of a “Daddy’s Girl” by Reenie B

The Testimony of a “Daddy’s Girl” is a book written by Reenie B aka Evangelist Dorene Bullard. In it she gives an account of her experience, struggle and triumph over sexual abuse and abandonment.As stated in her dedication page”to all the young ladies and women who feel they have been alone in their spiritual and emotional battles with rape, molestation, and the absence of their fathers you are not alone.   Written from a Christian perspective it gives a no holds bar account of the pain and struggle of dealing with such issues. Reenie B does not hesitate to give light to an issue many in the church would seemingly try to cover up. The book is an emotion but spirit filled account of the ways in which sexual abuse and abandonment have an effect on a person’s life  but also the process to victory over these issues. Not only does Reenie B share her story but also the story of an anonymous individual and the pain of them being a victim of abuse as well. The stories are told with grace and tact and though vivid in nature are not explicit.

One of the things that you will appreciate in this book as I did was the fact that this was not a story told from a victims mentality or written for sympathy, but you can sense the sincerity of the author in trying to bring freedom and hope to the readers. It is not a book just for victims of abuse but anyone who knows someone who has or wants to know more about this subject matter. It is an insightful book not just filled with a story but also keys to wholeness and healing. It’s not just about telling a story but also bringing change in the life of the reader.

On a personal note I was a little apprehensive when first reading,Thinking that it would be the typical “Christian” testimony. But I must honestly say that it was truly an inspirational story that even challenged how I even address this issue in the church. The reality is that sexual abuse does happen in the church. I would recommend anyone in leadership or laity to pick up this book. It is one that is worth reading over and over again.

If you would like to purchase the book you can contact her on Facebook: Dorene Bullard or by


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