Men’s Voice with T. Lamont(Have Black Men Dropped the Ball?)

Where are our black men? Why have they gone missing? The statistics prove the lack of there presence in the home which ultimately effect the community. We must face the question have black men dropped the ball and how can we begin to regain our proper place in the home and society.

Joining me and my special guest Rev. Quay Walton and Pastor Al Jackson as we discuss “Have Black Men Dropped the Ball”

Thursday January 5, 2012 10:00 PM EST

Feel free to send us any questions you would like us to ask using or  #mvtl

Learn more about my guest:

Quay Walton

Elder Quay Walton is a native of Birmingham, Alabama, and a product of the Birmingham School System as a graduate of Phillips High School. His secondary education includes an Associate degree in Computer Information Systems from Jefferson State Community College. He is also a former member of the United States Military as a United States Marine. Elder Walton is married to the former Mary V. Robinson and is the father of three beautiful children, Jasmin, Jailyn, and Judah.

He is currently under the covering and tutelage of Bishop L Spenser Smith serving as the Chief Ministry Officer for the Impact Nation-Birmingham. Elder Walton has emerged onto the scene with a relevant word that will touch young and old alike. With a diversified knowledge of both the sacred and the secular, Elder Walton has learned to bridge the gap between the churched and unchurched, young and old, rich and poor. it his ultimate prayer that lives would be touched, healed, and delivered as he couples God’s word with his own personal experience to show all people the power of God.

Al  Jackson

Pastor Al Jackson is the husband of Cassandra Andrews Jackson and the oldest of three children. He is the founder and pastor of Highways & Hedges Church in Brooklyn, NY and also overseer of Highways & Hedges Church of Crown Heights. Pastor Al is also the founder of the Highways and Hedges Worldwide Fellowship of churches, Inc. which is a fledging movement aimed at church-planting and strengthening independent churches. His church-growth philosophy is built upon strong evangelism strategies and aggressive leadership development.

His outreach ministry career started in the 80’s with the formation of  the Highways & hedges Outreach Choir. The choir ministered on the streets of New York as well as prisons, shelters, hospitals, and juvenile detention centers. An avid songwriter, Pastor Al has produced two gospel cd’s and is gearing up for another live recording in 2012.


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