Men’s Voice ( Why Aren’t Black Men Getting Married)

There is a high number of unmarried black men. What is the cause of this disparity and is there someone to blame for this. We have all heard the saying ” A good man is hard to find”. But is that saying true or have we made it harder for good men to be seen and get married. What is hindering men from getting married and what can be done to see this turn around in the African-American community. Join me and my special guest Taylor Hinton, Broderick Walton, Eddie Conner, and Eric Fondren as we discuss the issue “Why Aren’t Black Men Getting Married”

Thursday, February 16, 2012 10:00 PM EST

Feel free to send your questions to: or using hashtag #mensvoice

Learn More About My Guests:

Taylor Hinton

Style Blogger, contributor to‘s “Style Question Of The Week”, Character Tailor, Poet & Purveyor of stylish tweets on being a fashionable, conscious, elevated male. 16 years of fashion retail experience with luxury brands that include Movado & Cole Haan among others. The creator of The Gentleman’s Movement, a Facebook group that encourages men to act like gentlemen. Style Is internal, what good is a new suit if the man inside is rotten?

Broderick Walton

Broderick Walton Sr., the founder of Provisions Ministry Group & singles leader at vision church in Raleigh, NC has gained his wisdom directly from God & the life-changing events he’s experienced that led him into his purpose as a willing vessel for the kingdom.
He is a Speaker, relationship/love & marriage advocate, radio show host & upcoming author. Walton

Eddie Conner

Empowering people to overcome obstacles and walk in their unique purpose
is the real life message shared by Eddie Connor, who is a 14-year cancer survivor.
As an Author, Evangelist, Motivational Speaker, Poet, Teacher, and TV
Correspondent on CBS/CW 50, Eddie Connor shares his story of overcoming
cancer in his three books, Purposefully Prepared to Persevere, Collections of
Reflections: Symphonies of Strength – Volumes 1-3, and E.CON the ICON:
from Pop Culture to President Barack Obama (
Eddie Connor is a graduate of Eastern Michigan University, having earned a
Bachelor of Science in Secondary Education, with a focus in History. He has also
earned a Master of Arts Degree in Education from Marygrove College, as a
Reading and Literacy Specialist

Eric Fondren

Eric Fondren is an entrepreneur and romantic relationship expert who is dedicated to learning and personal development. Eric began his professional career as a Software Developer for the prestigious financial investment firm, Deutsche Bank in New York City after receiving his Bachelor’s in Computer Science from Morehouse College in 2007.

During his tenure at Deutsche Bank, Eric returned to school full time to earn a Master’s Degree in Professional Counseling at Liberty University. With a career change seeming eminent and with the support of, a non-profit organization, Eric left Deutsche Bank to pursue his own business ventures. provided the initial start-up capital to help Eric start his first company, a boutique online hair-extension retailer.

Since launching, Eric founded his current passion of, which advises people on how to have better romantic relationships and helps them transition from ‘Drunk Infatuation to Real Intimacy.’ Having witnessed the divorce of his own parents, after 30 years of marriage, Eric began researching why relationships break down, how to prevent them from breaking down and how to start and maintain healthy, lasting relationships.

Outside of working on his own ventures, Eric also collaborates with the founders of, a company dedicated to turning the ideas of minority entrepreneurs into profitable businesses. Eric brings his first-hand experience as a self-employed professional and provides guidance to these budding entrepreneurs.

Eric Fondren is 26 years of age and hails from San Antonio, TX. He currently resides in New York, NY. Eric is expected to graduate from Liberty University in May 2012.


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