Men’s Voice (Why Aren’t Black Men Getting Married? Pt 2)

Last week we started a discussion on “Why aren’t black men getting married?” We had a panel of great men who shared their perspective and insight on this issue. This week I will be joined by a panel of phenomenal women: Shivawn Mitchell, Hazel Cherry, and Londina Hyneman who will share their insights on the subject. This is sure to be a great show.

Thursday, February 23, 2012 10:00 PM EST

Feel free to send your questions using or using the hashtag #mensvoice

Learn More About My Guest:

Hazel Cherry

Minister Hazel Cherry, is a servant and soldier for Jesus Christ. She accepted Christ at the young age of seven and was called into ministry in 2006. She is a licensed minister of two years and is a senior at Patten University and will graduate in May 2012 with a Bachelors of Arts in Pastoral Studies. She is a member of the Berkeley Mt. Zion Church under the leadership of Pastor Brian D. Hunter.She serves as the vice-president of California State Baptist Young People’s Convention. She has a heart for social justice issues such as poverty, abuse, age, and gender discrimination. She believes that an: attitude of servant hood, a strong prayer live, passion, education, and the Holy Spirit is what helps her to succeed. Hazel M. Cherry

Shivawn Mitchell

Shivawn Mitchell is a counselor, author, dream motivator, speaker and entrepreneur. Born and raised in Chesterfield county, VA. She attended Norfolk State University and graduated with a degree in Counseling and a minor in sociology. In December of 2010, Shivawn launched L.O.V.E. , an organization focused on empowering woman’s total life and developing change agents for the world. She established Signature Publishing & Media (a division of L.O.V.E. inc) and self published her first book “Rewrite Your Story” with additional titles on the way. She is also co-owner of The Beauty Boudoir. Shivawn;s sole desire is to empower women to live the life they dream of while also inspiring young ladies along the way to do the same.

Londina Hyneman

Londina was born raised in Oakland, California. She has a B.A. in Social Work and has over 20 years of ministry. She is also a speaker on marriage and how to be a successful single for God. She was a single parent for twelve years before getting married. Linda is the co-host of “Doctor of Love” show. Londina likes spending quality time with her family and reading.


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