Men’s Voice (Are Their Any Good Men Out There?)

I know I am not the only one that has heard it. “Their aren’t any good men out there” how many times is this the excuse for woman not being in relationships. But is this really true, are their any good men out there. Join me and my guest Chris Kazi Rolle as we discuss this issue.


Thursday 10:00 PM EST or call in and listen at 714-583-6900

Learn More About My Guest:

Chris Kazi Rolle


CHRIS KAZI ROLLE is an Entertainer, Educator and Entrepreneur, who believes that All Thing Are Possible. He travels globally inspiring audiences through performances, guided conversations and lectures year round. Nicknamed The Convo Starter, Kazi is the architect behind several innovative social ventures designed to create conversations for change, including The Hip Hop Project, APEX and Together Apart. Kazi has been featured on VH1, CNN, CBS, PBS, ABC’s Nightline and The Oprah Winfrey Show. Kazi’s work and inspiring life story is the focus of the feature length documentary film, The Hip Hop Project, executive produced by Bruce Willis and Queen Latifah. Kazi is a martial artist, gym rat, and a proud father. Originally from the Bahamas and after residing in Brooklyn for twenty years, this Bahamas born globetrotter now resides in NJ.




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