Young, Gifted and Black (Pt 2) The Challenge


There is a challenge living in our current society. You have to be unconscious to not see what is going on in the world right now. To see all of the challenges that are now facing society and While I know many are downtrodden and feel as if they have been beaten down so much that it is difficult to see the light of day. A lot of us are living in an environment that is systematically attempting to annihilate who we are and what we do. So many things surround us that we do not understand what is going to come next. This is a challenge. We live in a society that is constantly berating us and trying to suppress and oppress us. It takes a lot of energy to be who we are in the world with so many misconceptions. Now, let’s realize the whole world is not our enemy but we do face somethings that are not totally fair and we must speak the truth that everybody that smiles in our face is not for us. We are being challenged.

The other side of the coin is that this is a perfect opportunity for us to not make the rumor, stereotype, or bias true. Let’s take the challenge and make it an opportunity. A lot of folks are not sure where to start or where to go but you must be able to look at what you are doing and see that it is an opportunity. There are certain misconceptions that automatically come with the color of our skin it’s a reality we all live, that I live.  Bu Please take this reality  and use it as a tool to become better

Listen none of us are perfect. I have my share of flaws and I know that there are some things that have come to even rattle this black man. But as I face every fear and every challenge I have come to know and to love that I am in the perfected place for me to see what is truly inside of me whether it’s a strength a weakness a deficit I am able to reflect to push to move on further. Let’s not take our young, gifted and black selves for granted understand what you are becoming and push to become even better at that. Yes, its a challenge but we were born out of struggle and have the power to take our struggle to the next level and achieve excellence. Let’s face the challenge together and become greater because of it.

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