Embracing Uncertainty


March comes in like a lion and goes out like a lamb. This is the first day of the third month of the year. It just seems like yesterday we were saying Happy New Year (not New Years lol) And all of the possibilities and hopes that would seem to be for us in the year that we call 2018. A few years back I read a book by Susan Jeffers called Embracing Uncertainty (if you never read Feel the Fear and Do it Anyway shame on you). this book is true to its title and definitely is one that needs to be looked at. we are definitely living in uncertain and unpredictable times. Just take the time to look at the news and scroll down your timeline you can tell that things are different. It’s not just that times are different we are also evolving. I am scared of anyone that has not developed matured or become more since they have grown up that is a sign of immaturity.

But even as we mature starting something new always brings a level of uncertainty. You never know what is going to be in store for you as you go forward. It means that you have to handle what comes with being in this world and that is embracing uncertainty. You never know what is going to come your way or down the pipe. One day can be great and the next you have to deal with something that you may not be prepared for. If you look at your surroundings it will keep you locked up in your apartment not going anywhere. What I realize is that it is always important to be wise and take the necessary precautions in life but to live in fear is not a good thing. I can’t guarantee you fame or fortune or that you will be healthy all the time. It is true what the sacred text states “it rains on the just as well as the unjust” Our responsibility is to embrace uncertainty. Do not allow fear to become your prison and live in a state of waiting for the other shoe to drop.

It is time to embrace every moment and be thankful for the good. Embracing uncertainty does not mean denying reality, actually, it is allowing life to flow in the way and path that it needs to go. Everything in your life will not go the way that you want it to go but trust that you will be okay whatever life offers and gives to you. With layoffs looming the stock market unpredictable health scares and crises live in a reality that to trust every moment is a moment to express gratitude just to be alive. Tomorrow may bring rain or it may bring sunshine. If it brings rain bring an umbrella if it brings sunshine bring your sunglasses. Be thankful for it all and embrace uncertainty.

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