What’s The Hold Up?


Have you ever been stuck in traffic? I have and I can personally tell you that it is not one of my favorite places to be. Traffic that is at a stand still and does not seem to be moving. I have had the un-pleasurable experience of riding down a highway smoothly only to come to a short stop because of traffic that is on the road. The amazing thing is that everything was good until I hit that traffic. It seemed like my mood changed from happy to frustrated and irritated to what is going on down the road from me. And many times the traffic inched along coming to a stand still in between me hammering down on my brakes. And most times if you are like me you come up to where the traffic has bottle necked  at and their was nothing there. And you wonder what was the hold up? It was only the speed at which people chose to drive or be distracted by something.

Life can be that way for people that are pursing your purpose. You hit a rhythm a stride and then you hit a challenge. These obstacles come because you are heading a certain direction they are unpredictable and cost us time and energy. And if you look back at the challenges many of them could have taken you out. But sometimes these are small events that should not have been such a hindrance. Many of us have been guilty of slowing our progress to put out little fires that had nothing to do with our purpose. Or we slowed down because someone else had an issue that distracted  you. The question you must ask yourself as you look at your goals and desires is Whats the hold up? What is keeping me from getting to my destination? You must be honest enough to say what it is and honestly sometimes its you.




One thought on “What’s The Hold Up?

  1. Elder Debra Clemmons (AKA Debbie)
    I totally agree with you. There are many Hold-Ups in our daily lives and regarding ministry. We as individuals whether a child of God or not have to do in-depth self examinations in order to find out what is the Hold-Ups? Is it us allowing people, places, things, positions, family, etc? Hold-Ups come to challenge and cause us to see who we really and evaluate our responses. I call it the Waiting Process.

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