New Year New Me ( Is it true?)




If you have been on social media for any length of time you will have seen annually around the end of the year the gifs and meme’s declaring what you will and will not do or be in the new year. One of the statements that I often hear and sometimes irritates me is “New Year, New Me” This is one statement that I don’t care if we are in year 2067 we will still hear being stated over and over again.

In all seriousness I do have concerns about change. Change is good, change is wonderful, and change is necessary. But it is not necessarily brought about because their was a change in the calendar year. Change happens because of a decision. Its based on a decision within oneself that things will not work the way they use to or I need to go another direction. Every significant moment in my life that I have made a change has not been because it was a calendar date but I made a conscious decision to make another choice. Now I will admit that change is hard it doesn’t happen overnight. You have to put in the conscious effort to obtain the change you want to see happen in your life.

As we are in the first month of a new year let us not be consumed with just statements of change but choices to change. It is when you make that decision to change that it will occur. You will not need to announce to the world that you have changed but it will be evident by your mindset, your lifestyle, and your actions. So I encourage you don’t wait for the new year to have a new you. Start the new whenever you want to (that rhymes lol)


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4 thoughts on “New Year New Me ( Is it true?)

  1. Yessssss….. I really can’t stand social media declarations because none times out of ten, it’s for an outward show and will never be accomplished.
    Actions speak wayyyy louder than any words spoken.
    Love this blog 👍

  2. It’s redundant to constantly say New Year New Me and nothing has changed and you’re still doing things the same way. Saying it to just fit in or bcuz it’s that time of year to say it then becomes just a cliche. In order to change you’ve got to first search the inner you and find out who you really are and your purpose. Don’t just say it…. be it!

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