Something Is in the Wind

If you haven’t noticed there has been a very important but necessary trend going on, on social media. With the debut of the Black Panther movie, we are seeing a sense of pride for being black people. This trend is challenging stereotypes and also making people see the beauty not only of being black but black fashion. The creativity and style that many are coming out with is beautiful to see and is a display of our heritage and history. This is something to be proud of as well as continue to watch as time passes. While some are concerned that it may be excessive I do not see it as being that way. One of the challenges has always been the double standard when it comes to our obsession with things in light of how other people act when certain movies come around.

I have always been amazed when I see Comicon come around or other events like it at the way in which people obsessed with such movements and movies act. They dress up to display their passion and love for the movie and characters and find a tribe of people that are always equally as passionate about what they are passionate about. IT is never seen as strange weird or odd but something that can be seen as positive. I admit that I personally am a James Bond movie fanatic. Though I despise wearing tuxedo’s the smooth and militant nature of James Bond the character has always been an interest to me. At my desk at work, I even have a poster of Casino Royale which is my favorite Bond movie and in my opinion one of his best. This is a celebrated and iconic character that has lasted for many years.

We must be attentive to the imbalance at times that is given to the need for us to celebrate the characters that represent us. Even in fiction, we need to see what we can accomplish and not just portrayed in a negative light. Now to be honest I have not seen the movie yet (smh I know I know) but neither am I bothered by the attire of those going to see it. Black is beautiful and it always will be and it is no need in denying it. There is something in the wind and it’s challenging us to understand our uniqueness. Though Black Panther is a fictional movie it has strong black characters. It was very strategic that they put it out during black history month (marketing I tell you). But truthfully this needs to be seen we need to be heard. So dress up show off black creativity. Where African attire…..Where what represents us but most of all let’s be in our hearts all that we seek to show with what we wear.

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